Canadian designers who truly shine
by Karen Simmons
THE JOY OF EXPERIENCING Earth’s treasures up close and personal give jewellers a unique perspective of the world. The powers of nature are
wondrous to behold, especially for the open minded and young at heart. Strong bonds are forged when jewellers give their all to the craft. Whether a metal smith, designer, or proprietor, there’s a special place in our hearts for fellow devotees to the trade.
From lightning to enlightenment
Abraham Konialian pursued his passion for jewellery around the age of thirteen. He fell in love with the reality that no rough gems are alike. Uniqueness and individuality became the hallmark and inspiration of Cadoryn (Ka-Door-In), where Konialian is lead designer and CEO. Egyptian mythology tells us that the source of life’s powers resides within us as the “Ka,” a complex soul. Welcoming this positive energy is the “Door-In,” a gateway. With the force of a lightning bolt (part of Cadoryn’s logo), Konialian set out to create stunningly unique jewellery for clients. Acting upon his Father’s advice, “no skill can ever peak,” Konialian continually hones his craft. Truly understanding his clients allows Konialian to handcraft true works of art that are sure to delight as proven by repeat clients. Rough, uncut, unique, and natural. Every line and curve of Cadoryn’s captivating creations highlights the raw beauty of every material utilized. Being in Toronto, Konialian realizes the global impact of Canadian diamonds, yet appreciates the beauty of rubies straight from Madagascar mines where he was  rst amazed by these gorgeous gems. Cadoryn’s special spirit lies behind the raw and unique character of each gem Konialian hand picks.
A master in our midst
“I’ve always loved the ancient belief that the gods gifted humans with jewellery,” declares Nick Koss. Bringing gifts from the gods to life is what Koss, founder and creative director of Volund Jewelry, is known for. His Lion Earrings won Canadian Jeweller Magazine’s 2016 Award of Excellence. The earrings, which represent a map of the cosmos, showcase the symbolism designed into all Volund masterpieces. Koss creates modern works of “wearable art” that channel old world charm to present day and beyond. Koss encourages clients to “see beyond the metal and stones.” He shares with clients the inspiration and meaning behind each customized creation; however, not all is revealed. In true artist form, Koss leaves a few secrets “up to the wearer to discover for themselves.” Practicing what he preaches, Koss loves travelling to European museums where he explores the symbolism endowed in various niches of jewellery and reconnects with his roots. Being the descendant of a master jeweller to the Imperial Russian Court, Koss continues to create custom pieces for the luxury/high end market with inspiration coming from ancient Scandinavia and Scythia. With Volund’s headquarters established in Vancouver, he adheres to strict Canadian ethical standards in all his work. Volund’s Norse Collection has pieces accented with iridescent ammolite fossile made world famous by a mine in Alberta. The vivid color palate of this rare shell material provides a wonderful complement for numerous gems and their custom settings.
100 million reasons to go to the garden
Power player Ari Goosen earned a stellar reputation amongst an af uent crowd and those with an af nity for the best in jewellery.
As a recent keynote speaker for CGA’s annual conference, this industry insider paid his dues as a designer, trade show vendor, and account manager which led to a career as a thriving gem consultant. This savvy professional promotes high-end jewellery world-wide and “loves to share his passion for precious gems and incredible antique jewellery pieces,” shares Geraldine De Poortere of Ralph Lauren. Goosen is a sought- after advisor to top jewellers and collectors around the world. It’s no surprise that Goosen’s expertise in  ne, collectible gems led to launching Ari Goosen Consulting Group (AGCG) and The Vault Luxury Promotions Inc. AGCG offers industry leading lectures and education, brokerage, and
business consulting at the luxury level. Goosen’s two decades with jeweller Siegelsons provided a solid spring board for not only AGCG but The Vault, whose famed signature event “The Vault in the Garden” featured one of a kind gems and jewels worth over $100 million. Ever the entrepreneur, Goosen made this the  rst and only event of its kind in Canada. In addition, the event was a global  rst by allowing collectors to purchase their new-found treasure directly onsite— fully insured! Based in Vancouver, Goosen’s passion for gems brings out his ever inquisitive and creative character that clients love and respect.


Homage to heirlooms
Even after studying various forms of art at the State Art School in the Ukraine, Sasha Shkolnik did not  nd her passion for jewellery design until she came to Canada. She went back to school, then went on to gain 20 years of experience working as a goldsmith for some of the most renowned jewellers in Vancouver, B.C. In 2008, she opened her home studio, which ultimately morphed into Juvelisto Design. This wise move created immediate interest amongst locals and tourists. A growing private clientele was the catalyst behind Juvelisto’s opening its doors. Like a true entrepreneur, the dedication and perseverance of the talent behind the scenes continues to grow stronger. Shkolnik’s custom and handmade creations live up to her jewellery motto— be different. Her unique craftsmanship has gained the trust of clients seeking to secure the nostalgia of their family heirloom’s design while adding a bit of modern transformative  air. Shkolnik takes to heart that every creation has meaning to the client. One design artfully combined a medical device with handpicked material resulting in a very unique and sentimental work of wearable art. This one-of- a-kind inspiration grew out of dedication to life itself. Called the Cancer Port
Necklace, this special creation features a cancer port as the centerpiece. Cancer ports deliver treatments directly to the patient’s vein during the
chemotherapy cycle. Many patients donate these ports to the hospital after treatment. In honor of this “renewal of life” gesture, the client just had to include the port in a necklace for all to behold. Juvelisto’s impressive offerings convey Shkolnik’s respect for the beauty of nature, admiration of art she has witnessed around the world, and love of a craft that is her true passion.


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