2nd International Rough Diamond Week very successful


The Second International Rough Diamond Week (IRDW), held at the Israel Diamond Exchange from April 12 to 16 has been reported to be a great success. All five participating companies – leading diamond producers and rough suppliers – reported that their tenders and auctions are oversubscribed, with waiting lists longer than expected.

Israel Diamond Exchange President Shmuel Schnitzer says his bourse was pleased to make unprecedented quantities of rough diamonds available to the Israeli diamond manufacturer.

“With all due respect to our industry, without a significant supply of rough, we won’t make progress. Therefore, we have invited the leading rough suppliers, miners and companies that specialize in tenders and auctions, to come to Israel, to offer Israeli companies direct access to a huge selection of rough goods. The response of the market has been fantastic and we are already planning for a next edition of the International Rough Diamond Week,” Schnitzer stated.

Arnon Juwal, Vice President of the Israel Diamond Exchange and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Rough Diamond Week, also expressed his satisfaction with the event’s outcome.

“The proof of this project is in the pudding. All participating companies reported that their tenders and auctions are oversubscribed and that the viewing booths are busy from the early morning to the late afternoon. In Israel we can successfully manufacture some 50 percent of the polished goods we sell. We continuously manufacture larger diamonds in Israel, especially of two carats and up and the Israeli market holds a leading position in these categories,” he said.

Juwal added that the quantities that are offered for sale during this event are the largest ever offered at a single location. “This event also helps smaller manufacturers who do not have the financial means to travel abroad to buy rough. By bringing goods here, we save them precious time, as well as other expenses such as flights, hotels. And by bringing the goods to the rough diamond trading hall of the bourse, we are giving the businesses of small, medium and large manufacturers alike – all members of our bourse – a major boost,” he said. CJ