AGTA bars lab-grown gems from its shows

The AGTA’s Stand for Genuine Gemstones
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) seems to be leading the way in the world of gem exhibitions. It has not allowed anything but the natural gem to be included in its exhibitions, making it the first such decision in the world.
 It means no exhibitor would have a chance to present any lab-grown, man-made, or synthetic kind of gem; only the earthly mined kind of gemstone would be acceptable for display. Key reasons for this move have been cited as the market disruption from lab-grown diamonds and confusion by the AGTA Board of Directors. But AGTA shows will henceforth be an island of respite for those only looking for natural gemstones. While AGTA members are allowed to sell synthetic gems provided they are properly disclosed, AGTA shows will be the only place where one can get a natural gemstone in order to escape.

Kimberly Collins, President of the AGTA Board, exalted to the extent of her position and experience about the mission of their organization in providing clarity to buyers. This initiative underlines one of the founding principles of AGTA, which has been the mission promotion of natural gemstones since the founding goals in 1981. Scientific definitions have also come in support of differentiating between natural and synthetic gems. According to the scientist, natural gems, including the natural crystal and padparadscha sapphires, possess unique chemical, physical, and mineral properties that AGTA believes cannot be reproduced in their synthetic imitation.

AGTA CEO John W. Ford Sr., said, “We are the unified voice that allows us to represent the interests of gemstone wholesalers.” These definitions by authoritative bodies on the subject, for example, the British Geological Survey and the US Geological Survey, have hence defined minerals as naturally occurring and exclude those of synthetic origin.

Every year, it features over 8,000 buyers and some 300 exhibitors in one of the largest occasions of the colored gemstone market: the AGTA GemFair Tucson. Industry insiders expect this policy change to fortify the value of natural gemstones, making AGTA fairs an absolute choice for genuine earth-mined gemstones.