ALEX AND ANI launches major Canadian expansion


ALEX AND ANI is continuing its expansion into Canada, a move it credits to exceptional consumer demand.


The brand’s first Canadian store opened in December of 2015 at the Upper Canada Mall, followed shortly by a Yorkdale Shopping Centre boutique. Since then, four additional stores have been opened, all of which are located in either Quebec or Ontario. The brand has also grown its wholesale presence in stores across the country, most notably with Hudson’s Bay.


“[Canadians] are interested in what we do as a humanitarian company. This encompasses our missions to support our planet, the people on it, and the communities we live in,” says the Omar Ajaj, the brand’s vice-president of International Business Development. “Customers are no longer fixated on consuming and collecting objects; they buy things with meaning and purpose. We connect with our customers on a different level and the Canadian market is a part of this.”


Ajaj adds that the company plans to have distribution throughout Canada, although a timeline for this has not been set.