ANNOUNCEMENT: Searching for a Buyer: Bijouterie Rivet

Jewellery Business for Sale in Quebec after 65 Years in Business



Members of Quebec Jeweller’s association, Canadian Jewellers Association, Canadian 24Kt Club.

After 32 years of retail business in Saint-Lambert, Québec, 65 years of family business, I would like to sell my store to a person of trust.

My wish is to phase out on a period of 5 years, allowing me to train the buyer (if needed) and transfer knowledge and responsibilities. And for me, to gradually retire.

Two of my staff may retire within this period, more or less. Two other young members of my staff wish to keep enjoying their career with my company. They are honest, efficient, brilliant, resourceful and dedicated. Because of these two persons, I do not want to close the store. And, at this point, I wish to keep this information confidential for their piece of mind, even if they have been advised of my plans.

My gemology diploma and knowledge to appraise are the main asset of my business. I work on appointment with a lot of executors to help them to equally split an estate, to buy/recycle their scrap gold, to resale some pieces with our second hand merchandise, to remount / reset some good stones they wish to keep on special orders and special make.

My appraisal service is a great source of income. I also appraise for public services, knowledge and contacts I am ready to transmit to whom would be interested.

If you wish to know more, or if you know someone who would like to buy such company, do not hesitate to establish contact.

Carmen Rivet, G.G.