Bernhard H. Mayer Unveils New Jewellery Inspired by Nature



The latest pieces from Bernhard H. Mayer, QNET’s luxury timepiece and jewellery brand, remain faithful to the heritage and spirit of fine craftsmanship, imparting a touch of extravagance and allure inspired by the charm of the natural world. They encompass the stars, reflect the everchanging seasons, and symbolize the natural beauty and balance of the earth.
“Fine jewellery is a distinctive category of accessory teeming with personality and style. The diverse range of beautifully handcrafted pieces from the Mayer atelier is perfect for individuals exploring their style or seeking a unique accessory for a special occasion,” says Paul McHenry, Chief Marketing Officer of QNET. “In this latest release, our master craftsmen have outdone themselves by introducing nine pieces that capture the spellbinding intrigue you find in nature and art. My favourite one is the magical Timeless Tanzanite collection, using precious gems from a small, enchanted land nestled deep in the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.”

Classics embodying the creativity of nature

The Mayer atelier’s Classics Collection consists of straightforward yet charming patterns that enhance the beauty of its wearer, lending an effortless elegance to every occasion. The new pieces added to the collection channel a creative vision inspired by nature, philosophy, and art.

The Autumn earrings and Autumn Pendant bring to life the transition of nature from summer to autumn, featuring handcrafted 18K gold leaf drops in a pattern inspired by seasonal transformation. Precious diamonds complement the natural golden hues of the season and add a touch of elegance to these pieces.

The Amity Star Set, a pair of matching pendants and earrings, is a modern take on the earth’s movement and natural philosophies. The rhodium plated 18K gold circles represent harmonious unity, while the diamond triangle signifies individual wellbeing.

Prestigious pieces housing earth’s natural elements

Bernhard H. Mayer’s Elemental Collection is a beautiful contrast to its timeless Classics, consisting of a range of pieces that epitomize creativity seen in the everlasting arias of our universe.

In the same vein as the Amity Star Set, the Delos Set and Delos Star Set bring together simple, organic shapes with artfully placed diamonds to create a new aesthetic inspired by the Island of Delos, a mystic site of culture and heritage in the Aegean Sea. 18K White Gold and 0.03-carat diamonds perfectly balance tradition and modernity, with the distinctive design along each curve of the charm and earrings.

The Eclipse Pendant celebrates the binary between heaven and earth with interlocking diamond, silver, and gold rings representing duality, the power of opposites, and the strength of unity.

The Mira Star Set evokes a night-watching star looking for the Mira Cetus or ‘Wonderful Star’, exemplified by the delicate 18K White Gold and Diamond-linked pendant and earring set.

Tanzanite, a natural work of art

Created by nature over millions of years under perfect conditions, every Tanzanite piece Bernhard H. Mayer sources is ethically mined and handcrafted by skilled artisans to create luxurious accessories for the finest purveyors. This exquisite blue gem is in only one place on earth, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. No two Tanzanite stones are exactly alike, making each piece a distinct statement of its own.

Bernhard H. Mayer expands on its Timeless Tanzanite collection with two new pieces: the Blue Drop earrings and Blue Drop pendant. They are an expression of the exclusivity of this extraordinary natural treasure. Paired with the graceful circles of the 18K gold frames, the entire collection exudes timelessness, wholeness, and perfection forged by the hands of Mother Nature.

Divine jewellery made with nature in mind

The Mayer brand’s mission is to create pieces of jewellery that withstand the test of time with minimal impact on the natural world.

All Bernhard H. Mayer jewellery primarily uses recycled gold sourced from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading ethical standard within the jewellery industry. Gold components are carefully chosen to reflect the highest quality, sourced solely from parties who practise ethical and fair policies in their operations.

“Luxury jewellery should not compromise on conscience and values,” McHenry adds. “Our approach to sustainability extends further than our products, encompassing our packagings – such as renewing our jewellery box to incorporate sustainable materials – and the way our master craftsmen undertake the design and construction process of each unique piece of jewellery.”