Best Bargains to launch 100 new products and your complete Social Media Marketing Kit at JCK Vegas


Best Bargains has been working very hard to make this year’s AGTA at JCK Las Vegas show very special by launching nearly 100 new contemporary products from commercial to mid-range Canadian-made products.

Lead designer Anita Agrawal says, “The jewellery industry has been hit hard over the last few years and we recognize that it is important to stay ahead of the trend. We’re keeping on top of the latest fashions and have enhanced our “Jewels by Anita” line with hexagonal cut gemstone jewellery, ear jackets, knuckle rings and jewellery gloves. To our traditional product line we’ve added a new selection of ear climbers, cuffs, double headed studs and many more products.”

“Alongside being an innovative product leader, we are offering even more value (over $2,000 worth in fact) and have spent the last six months creating a complete social media marketing kit for our clients*. Social media has changed consumer buying behaviours and by harnessing it’s potential, our clients can easily leverage an efficient and affordable way to increase sales, grow their company’s brand, and engage their customers. We recognize that for small businesses effective social media programming can be time consuming, that’s why we’ve done most of the work for you! This free kit contains over 600 high quality, professional photos of Best Bargains and Jewels by Anita’s best selling products, shareable content, and many useful tips, designed for beginners and intermediate social media users alike. That’s over two years of free content.”

“In struggling times, we are working hard so that things are a little bit easier for our clients and we feel that JCK Vegas is the perfect place to launch this initiative. Of course, our Canadian clients can contact us at anytime for their own kits or wait for the Canadian round of trade shows in August for more up-to-date content.”

* The kit is available free with a minimum product purchase. CJ