Birks and Tiffany show the strength of the colour ‘blue’


Birks and Tiffany & Co. each have a different shade of blue associated to their brand. Americn brand Tiffany & Co. is known for its robin’s-egg shade of blue box while the Birks box comes in a deeper and richer shade of blue. Tiffany has trademarked its particular shade since it has been associated with the brand from the beginning, 177 years ago. Birks’ connection to its own shade of blue box started in the 1940s after the brand changed to it from a grey colour.

Blue has been a popular colour for the jewellery industry as a colour linked to prestige and luxury, especially when it comes to royal blue due to its natural associations. Another colour strongly associated with jewellery and luxury throughout the years is the colour red.

JoAnn Hines, a product packaging consultant, told the Financial Post that, “Royal blue is a strong, emotive colour. Darker, navy shades are used a lot in fashion, and show elegance, sophistication. Tiffany’s blue is more of a touchy-feely, soft blue.” CJ