Birks Announces Re-Opening of All Stores and Launches Necklace That Gives Back to the Community.


Birks is happy to announce that it has now fully re-opened all of its Maison Birks stores across Canada following the temporary closures caused by COVID-19 in March 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians came together to support one another. In Quebec, the “Ça va bien aller” movement, which translates to “it’s going to be okay”, spread visual messages of strength and support throughout the community. People placed this slogan alongside colourful rainbow drawings in the windows of homes and shops sending public declarations of resilience and optimism. Inspired by this hopeful Canadian spirit, Birks designed the Birks Rosée Du Matin® Ça va bien aller Horizontal Bar Necklace.

30% of the net proceeds from the sale of each necklace will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. The Canadian Red Cross is helping with the COVID-19 response in communities across Canada and is working alongside governments and health ministries throughout the country to support those who are the most vulnerable.

Maison Birks has been a part of Canadian’s lives for over 140 years,” says Jean-Christophe Bédos, President and CEO of Birks Group Inc. “Our brand is woven into the fabric of the community and we feel a responsibility to lift the spirits of those around us during challenging times. The Birks Rosée Du Matin® Ça va bien aller Horizontal Bar Necklace, when worn around your neck, can act as this spirited reminder of a brighter tomorrow.”

The brilliant necklace features 3 yellow sapphires, 3 tsavorites, 3 light blue sapphires, 2 purple sapphires, 2 pink sapphires, 2 rubies, and 2 orange sapphires, for a total of 17 stones and a total weight of 0.19 CT. Arranged in a rainbow formation on a horizontal bar, the necklace comes on an 18 inch-long chain that can be shortened to 17, 16, and 15 inches in length.

The Birks Rosée Du Matin® Ça va bien aller Horizontal Bar Necklace ($650.00) can be purchased online at or in select Maison Birks stores.