Birks Group Reports Impressive Sales Growth During FY2024 Holiday Period


Birks Group Inc., has recently announced its sales results for the FY2024 Holiday Period, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. The 8-week interim sales period, which ended on December 30th, 2023, witnessed an 8.1% increase in net sales compared to the same period in FY2023. This remarkable growth underscores the company’s robust market presence and strategic business acumen.

The FY2024 Holiday Period proved to be a time of substantial growth for Birks Group, with a notable 3.0% rise in comparable store sales compared to FY2023. This growth was primarily fueled by the exceptional performance in the retail sector, particularly in third-party branded watches, which outshone their sales figures from the previous year. Additionally, the recently renovated Chinook and Laval stores played a pivotal role in this success, alongside a significant boost from e-commerce sales.

Leadership’s Perspective

Mr. Jean-Christophe Bédos, President and CEO of Birks Group, expressed his satisfaction with the sales results. “Our sales teams have delivered remarkable results this holiday period, reflecting significant growth over last year,” he stated. He attributed this success to the team’s dedication and the effective implementation of the company’s strategic plan, emphasizing their commitment to customer service excellence and growth in the high-end luxury watch and jewellery market

Understanding Comparable Store Sales

Birks Group utilizes comparable store sales as a key performance indicator. This metric includes sales from stores open during the same period in the current and previous year, including e-commerce sales. New or significantly renovated stores are assessed individually to determine their inclusion in this calculation. This metric offers valuable insights into the company’s operational efficiency and market performance, although it’s important to note that such financial measures are not standardized and may vary in comparison to similar metrics used by other companies.

Moving Forward

The FY2024 Holiday Period sales results not only reflect Birks Group’s strong market position but also highlight the effectiveness of its strategic initiatives. The company’s focus on customer service excellence, expansion in the luxury watch and jewellery segment, and leveraging e-commerce platforms are key factors driving its success. As Birks Group continues to build on the momentum of its Birks product brand, the future looks promising for this stalwart in the Canadian luxury retail market.