Breitling launches new smartwatch


Breitling has unveiled its latest addition to the luxury smartwatch market: the Exospace B55. This “connected” chronograph wristwatch is designed specifically for aviation professionals, and acts as the full launch for the company’s Caliber B55 Connected technology—a prototype introduced at this year’s Baselworld show.

The watch operates using two-way communication between itself and the user’s smartphone. As such, the wearer may receive notifications about emails, text messages and phone calls from their smartphone.

Obversely, the wearer can use the chronograph to upload various measurements to their smartphones in order to share, store and read them more easily.

The Exospace B55 also features both analog and digital displays, a tachymeter, a chronograph recording up to 50 split times and a count up/countdown system for timing operations. Currently, it is available with a titanium case, rotating bezel with rider tabs and a two-tone rubber strap.

The smartwatch retails for $8,900 and is only sold with select retailers. CJ