Canadian Flowers Collection Shines for each Province and Territory



The 49-piece Canadian Flowers Collection is divided into smaller provincial and territorial collections and comprises nine garden medallion necklaces,10 flower pendants,10 flower stud earrings,10 flower rings and 10 flower bracelets. Of the garden necklaces, one combines the flowers of the three territories and the other features the flowers of the Maritime provinces. Each flower has its own story within the rich history of each province and territory many were chosen by school children because of their beauty and abundance and others are recognized for their endangered status. This collection crosses many price points and is sold at select Maple Leaf Diamond™ fine jewellery retailers across Canada.
Newfoundland and Labrador Pitcher Plant
New Brunswick Purple Violet
Manitoba Prairie Crocus
British Columbia Dogwood
Alberta Rose
“I’ve always wanted to create a Provincial Flowers Collection and it wasn’t until the collaboration with Maple Leaf Diamonds that I had the dream team to build this,” says Shelly Purdy. “It’s been a major undertaking and I’m so proud of the details that went into each piece. I hope that our time and passion resonate with Canadians and nature lovers everywhere!
Prince Edward Island Ladies Slipper
Quebec Blue Flag Iris
Saskatchewan Western Red Lily
Ontario Trillium

“Maple Leaf Diamonds is proud to have collaborated with Shelly Purdy for the past seven years,” says Cameron Gillies, Senior Vice President of Sales for Corona Jewellery Company, owner of the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ luxury brand. “Shelly’s latest collection—Canadian Flowers—is indicative of her passion for the natural beauty of Canada. By creating a collection that is focused on Canadian Diamonds and Canadian Certified Gold, her incredible artistic flair for all things Canadian shines through.”

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