CGA remarks on its partnership renewal with Gem-A


The Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) has renewed its international partnership with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) with an aim to foster stronger relations between the two gemmological communities.


With a core syllabus and shared learning resources license for both the CGA certificate and Gem-A diploma courses, Gem-A and CGA students will be able to complete courses in their specific geographical region while also satisfying breadth requirements enabling the transition to the Gem-A diploma.


“The CGA is excited to be entering into a new educational partnership with Gem-A, the world’s largest and most revered gemmological association,” said Donna Hawrelko, president of the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA). “This partnership opens many new gemmological pathways for our students and graduates, and expands our horizons in a wholly new, but parallel, education direction of the highest standard.”