Recap: China Gold and Precious Metals Summit 2016




The 11th summit of the China Gold and Precious Metals Summit, convened by the Shanghai Gold Exchange and China Gold Exchange on December 7th and 8th in Shanghai, brought together over 250+ world financial leaders in the gold and precious metals industry. At this time, professionals from across the value chain including mining companies, bullion dealers, mints, central banks, brokerage firms, gold clearance trading houses, met to discuss the current state of the industry.


China is quietly yet quickly becoming a pivotal player in the world gold market. China has become the top consumer of gold in the world, surpassing its neighboring nation, India. Now, it looks to play a very different role in today’s gold market than ever before. The current developments in China, backed by China’s Gold Council’s interest in the gold market, provide a platform for China to exert its influence on not only those investing in gold, but everyone with a vested interest in the world economy, trading markets and the U.S. dollar.


In its 11th year, the summit emphasized the innovation and emergence of China’s gold market, implications for China’s gold market due to various specific initiatives and strategies, price trends, and supply and demand projections for gold and other precious metals. Additionally, the conference provided insight on various extensive opportunities, ideas and solutions in the precious metals industry, up-to-date industry growth and development information, business chances and partnership opportunities and the chance to network with professionals from different parts of the gold and precious metals market.


The expert panel discussion, moderated by Gold Core, consisted of various key-note speaker including Bart Melek, Head of Global Commodity Strategy at TD Securities, Jeffrey M. Christian, Managing Partner and founder of CPM Group LLC, and William Purpura, Chairman of COMEX Governors Committee among others who gave outlook on different market strategies in 2016 and gold & precious metal projections for 2017.


Also among the delegates was Mr. Moniruz Zaman, the CEO and Founder of Bullion Mart, located in downtown Toronto. Bullion Mart, under the supervision of Mr. Zaman, is one of North America’s leading, experienced and well-respected wholesalers and retailers in the precious metals industry. With over two decades of experience in the world bullion and rare coins market, Mr. Zaman is a seasoned expert regarding the gold and precious metals industry.


Mr. Zaman was invited by the China Gold Exchange as a guest speaker, for which he gave his exclusive expectations for 2017 regarding different industries ranging from mining to the bullion market, relevant strategies, and bullion supply and demand projections. He also discussed the industry expectations due to recent developments, including new government implementation (Donald Trump) and Brexit. In his last words, Zaman concluded with “Expect the Unexpected in 2017”.