Claire Vessot: Trends 2020

Energetic Expressions Rising- Trends Interpreted



2020 is all about energy. Go within and come up bright and shining. The focus for the year ahead features sterling silver design with easy touches of simple silhouettes. WGSN predictions indicate the rise in popularity of Silver Jewellery.  

Colours- think spicy cantaloupe, sandstone, melding without a pause into the rich and satisfying deeper earth-toned SS mellow yellows.  Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2020/21 palette as interpreted for my work includes transitions landing on a magnetic, rich Magenta Purple hue for gemstones.

The vision includes clever and comfortable hoops with something a little extra. This classic is always going to be the go-to basic, but we’re seeing variations and a shift towards oversized, over the top styles designed to extend from “business cool” to “cocktail wild.”  

Men are on the radar and not just the looks we’ve all been seeing. I’m dreaming about blues along with more unusual, sculpted silhouettes. Men’s jewellery has lost its traditional boundaries. We’ve all seen long chains, stacking, chunky curb links, Y-Necks, to delicate pearls, layering and more.  It’s about time! I think 2020 is the year for designers to punch it out of the ring and define our own point of view. It’s not so much about what the piece is, as the importance of how one wears it. So let’s make it about personal style. 

Lab diamond popularity is offering ethical options for engagement ring design that meet the Millennials’ budget and fits the demand for large stone WOW presence. I’m thinking the bands should rest with effortless ease and never look like they were contoured to fit: but they will. We’ve seen some very unusual band mixes happening for a while now, with irregular edged settings, mixed with beaded bands, mixed stones, shapes and sizes.  Easy, determined and intentional.

Chokers are still important for Spring 2020, continuing with the lighter layering styles that are everywhere. This newer shift indicates a more substantial, fitted form, often with embellishments. I’ve developed a series of motifs that will be worked into some exciting variations to slip right into this look with a natural feel.  Longer and more versatile chains that slide from lariat or bolo, to chokers are showing up this year.  

WGSN predicts an exciting revival of bold jewellery accessories with an emphasis on earrings and necklaces to reflect the ‘Above the Keyboard Dressing’ movement that’s emerging from working remote communications-based business attire. Sweatpants and the well dressed visible upper body Skype or Video conferencing look that we’ve all joked about is a ‘thing’ now. Amazing!

I feel it’s time for jewellery to reflect the wearer in all their moods and phases. I hope to create gorgeous designs that express joy and excitement intended for day to day wear while allowing for self-expression. All that in an unexpected, easy to manage reflective way. My love of tattoo’s and jewellery pictured together expresses where uniqueness, personal style and the strength to “commit to it all” comes together.

Trends aren’t always as important as trend movements. It’s how we express and interpret the things that inspire us that counts. There is much creative fun to be had by choosing the most relatable inspirations, from whatever our sources are, and spinning them into something fresh.  The best things often develop by heading in the opposite direction of what’s intended, believing in it and finding something unexpected.


Claire Vessot:

Designing jewellery from her studio in Montreal, Claire’s specialty is brand design. Behind the scenes, she’s created numerous Collections in partnership with both domestic and international manufacturers.  Earning 20 Industry Design Awards along the way. Vessot is perhaps best known for her more visible work as former Lead and Senior Designer for ELLE jewelry.

Claire’s own online boutique features her sterling silver designer’s choices along with a select range of gold essentials with a focus on things she personally endorses such as Italian hoops and light-hearted spreadable rings. Claire’s work evokes a unique individual style and reflects her motto: empowerment, kindness, strength and confidence.