Competition Bureau conducts precious metal jewellery inspections


To ensure that clear and accurate information regarding the quality of precious metal jewellery is keeping with the Precious Metals Marking Act (PMMA), the Competition Bureau has concluded an inspection blitz at major department and chain stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Where a quality mark has been applied to a precious metal article:

  1. the quality mark must truly and correctly indicate the quality of the precious metal article — for example 10k, 14k or 18k or the decimal equivalent for gold, and .925 for silver;
  2. the quality mark must be a mark prescribed by the regulations; and
  3. the article must also bear a registered Canadian trade mark applied in the same manner as the quality mark.

The trademark is not required if the article has been quality marked in a foreign country and bears a government mark which is recognized by the Competition Bureau.

The Bureau plans to continue to monitor the marketplace to promote and ensure compliance with the PMMA.