Comptoir des Cotonniers introduces virtual “fast shopping” concept



French fashion retailer Comptoir des Cotonniers has proven that it only takes a new mobile app to combine online and offline retailing. The retailer launched over 10,000 virtual boutiques overnight in French cities such as Paris, Toulouse and Marseille, thanks to PowaTag technology. The launch at the Intercontinental Paris saw The Fast Shopping campaign transform the Publicis Drugstore at Champs Elysées in Paris into a boutique overnight. The new retail app allows for customers to scan special tags and buy an item from Comptoir des Cotonniers with just a click, to be delivered by home delivery within 48 hours.

Comptoir des Cotonniers partnered up with outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux, telecom company SFR Régie, transport app provider Uber, and advertising agency Marcel to create the boutiques overnight.

“The Fast Shopping campaign is an exciting and innovative demonstration of Comptoir des Cotonniers’ commitment to its customers. We are excited to help one of the world’s leading fashion retailers bring in an unrivalled level of buying freedom with the first full online and offline rollout of PowaTag,” says CEO of Powa Technologies Dan Wagner. “The technology will play a vital role in enabling the company to meet the growing demands from shoppers with busy lives wanting to purchase in a multi-channel environment.” CJ