Diane Tackaberry, Peter Vandenberg, Esther Vandenberg, Marlene Green, and Claire Vessot pose after an educational jewellery session at Vandenberg's Fine Jewelry in Winnipeg.

Vandenberg’s Fine Jewelry hosts design workshops in Winnipeg for consumers who want to learn more about jewellery design.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

From concept to creation, being able to take those ideas from your imagination and transform them into something physical is no easy feat. Being a jewellery designer is extremely challenging work. Having to be able to pump out creative concepts that are beautiful and relatable is no easy accomplishment, yet somehow people are drawn to being able to have their own custom jewellery.


Jewellery store owner, Peter Vandenberg collaborated with jewellery designer, Claire Vessot to create opportunities for their clients at Vandenberg’s Fine Jewelry in Winnipeg to attend educational workshops on how to create their own jewellery. For the clients who were filled with passion and a hunger to learn, Peter and Claire provided an rare opportunity for hands-on learning from experts in the field of jewellery.


Taking it a step further, the team of talented creators then added two additional learning session of high school art students, as well as a group of jewellery students, who could benefit from their years of experience in the field. In an effort to plant a few seeds within the Winnipeg art community, Vandenberg Fine Jewelry has become more than just an jewellery store, but an artistic mentorship hub and educational studio in the Manitoba jewellery scene.

During the three, 2-hour workshops held during the week of April 3rd, 2019 attendees were treated to an introduction to the traditional method of jewellery design, with an emphasis on the creative process.

All of the workshops were very different in content and took on a life of their own. Attendants were given an insight into stone shapes, anatomy and settings, as well as how to use a drawing grid system when designing.

The straight forward approach to teaching resulted in a warm, personal connection to the design, allowing ideas and concepts to flow freely without limitations. With fun being at the forefront of the sessions, delicious cupcakes were served with a hidden gemstone-jewel surprise. Add in the relaxed environment in an elegantly designed location, the Vandenberg’s have created a can’t miss workshop for the young and young at heart, focused on the love of jewellery.

Participants who choose to have their designed item entered into the sketch competition, will be judged by a group of jewellery insiders, with the winning sketch to be made into a real piece of jewellery with the proceeds going towards the charitable organization of their choice. From sketchpad, to gem lab, making the dreams of the next generation of jewellers into a reality.