E-commerce on the rise in Canada


Many domestic and foreign retailers are stepping up their game when it comes to e-commerce in Canada. According to Forrester Research Inc. online spending will account for 10 per cent of Canadian retail spending by 2019, putting Canada almost at par with the U.S., which is expected to hit 11 per cent.

At the moment, Canada has been evolving at a slower rate than the U.S. – last year e-commerce accounted for 6 per cent of total retail spending.

E-retailers and experts attribute the smaller numbers to web access, infrastructure, lack of selection, and ingrained shopping habits.

But Canadian and U.S.-based retailers and are not swayed by the numbers and are continuing to establish and invest in e-commerce projects across Canada, some of which include Best Buy, amazon.com, and Wal-Mart. BMO Capital Markets listed amazon.com as the top retailer in Canada with $1.9 billion accounting for sales in 2014.

Traffic data from Amazon shows that Canadian shoppers that are on a lookout for greater selection and better deals often look at retail websites that operate outside of the country. Similarly, data from Statistics Canada demonstrates that Canadians look outside the border for good deals online. CJ