Edmonton police turn to social media in search of jewellery owners


The Edmonton Police Service is turning to the wide accessibility and scope of the Internet in order to find the owners of hundreds of pieces of stolen jewellery. The jewellery, ranging from watches and rings to bracelets and pendants, was seized throughout a three-month drug trafficking investigation at a pub in Strathearn, Edmonton. Other notable pieces are a Virgin Mary gold pendant, a gold ring shaped as a horse’s head, and a historic pocket watch.

“There’s a whole variety of stuff,” says EPS Spokesperson Scott Pattison. “Everything from First World War medals to expensive diamond rings from local jewellery stores, to chains… obviously very personal family heirlooms.”

The EPS posted photos of the pieces on its Pinterest page to find the owners who will be asked to present proof of ownership in the form of a stolen property police report, pictures, or a receipt. CJ