Employment growth shows promise for second half of year


After the numbers came in that only 200 new jobs were created in the last month, a recent report by BMO shows that there may be economic growth in the second half of the year. The Hiring Report showed that Canadian business owners’ interest in hiring new employers will increase by 18 per cent in the manufacturing sector, 17 per cent in the service sector, and 7 per cent in the retail sector. The study also showed that 55 per cent of large businesses are seeking to expand their workforce, as well as 24 per cent of small businesses indicating interest to hire.

“Many businesses in Canada are making investment choices based on a number of factors, including the sector in which they operate in and their own business plans to make the most of their dollars spent when hiring,” said Steve Murphy, head of Canadian commercial banking at BMO Bank of Montreal, told The Star. “The importance of making targeted investments in human capital and other business areas in order to remain competitive and grow should remain top of mind.”

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