Engagement rings and jewellery



In the world of famous engagement rings and jewellery, very few have remained as iconic as the ones worn by prominent figures. From Princess Diana’s blue sapphire to Elizabeth Taylor’s adoration for the Krupp Diamond, the rings exchanged between public figures signify so much more than an expertly placed stone. In more recent history, the iconic 6.1-carat pink diamond ring Jennifer Lopez received from Ben Affleck in 2002 remains clear in our minds as they announced their 2022 engagement with a beautiful emerald cut green diamond ring, designed to highlight her lucky colour, and encapsulate the colourful diamonds her engagements have been known for.

Identifying the significance of a ring exchanged in love and the way the design highlights the intimate symbolism of each relationship requires a keen eye and expertise. Lisa Bridge, a certified gemologist and fifth-generation Bridge jeweler, has the knowledge and the historical ties to the gemstone industry that make her a prolific resource for the discussion and assessment of iconic jewellery.