Jewellery Stores Enhancing Client Services: The Role of Travel Jewellery Insurance for Jewellery Stores


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Enhancing Client Services: The Role of Travel Jewellery Insurance for Jewellery Stores

In the ever-evolving world of jewellery retail, offering comprehensive services that extend beyond the sale is crucial. Jewelers Mutual® Group, with over a century of dedication to protecting jewellery and jewellery businesses, has recently shared insights from its newest study. This study sheds light on the practices and challenges of jewellery protection during travel, providing valuable information that jewellery stores can use to inform and serve their clients better.

Understanding the Need for Travel Jewellery Insurance

The connection between individuals and their jewellery is profound, with the study revealing that nearly all participants travel with their valued pieces. This presents a unique opportunity for jewellery stores to advise their clients on safeguarding these treasures. Approximately 40% of travellers insure their jewellery for trips, yet many rely on inadequate homeowners’ policies, highlighting a significant area where jewellery stores can offer guidance and solutions.

Educating Clients on Safety and Insurance Options

Jewellery stores can play a pivotal role in educating their clients about the importance of specialized travel jewellery insurance. The study indicates a preference among insured travellers for secure storage options, such as hotel safes and travel cases. By offering or recommending these solutions, along with insurance advice, stores can enhance their value to customers.

Addressing Generational Trends and Loss Prevention

The research points to a trend where younger adults prefer specialized jewellery insurance, recognizing its benefits over traditional policies. Jewellery stores can cater to this demographic by providing tailored insurance advice and products. Furthermore, with 35% of consumers experiencing the loss of jewellery while travelling, stores have a critical role in promoting loss prevention awareness and offering protective measures.

Navigating Insurance Coverage Uncertainty

A startling revelation from the study is the uncertainty among travellers regarding the adequacy of their insurance coverage abroad. Jewellery stores can address this gap by partnering with insurance providers like Jewelers Mutual® to offer comprehensive worldwide coverage options. This not only protects the client’s investments but also positions the store as a trusted advisor.

A Commitment to Client Protection

Howard Stone, Vice President of Global Risk Services and Analytics at Jewelers Mutual®, emphasizes the company’s dedication to educating consumers and businesses alike. “Our goal is to empower jewellery stores to be knowledgeable advisors, helping protect what’s precious to their clients,” he states.

By leveraging the insights from Jewelers Mutual® Group’s latest study, you can enhance their service offerings, ensuring clients’ treasures are protected on their travels. This commitment to client service not only builds trust but also establishes the store as a comprehensive resource for jewellery protection.