Experts to meet in Vancouver for gemstone industry innovation discussion


From October 16-18, world experts in gemmology will be congregating in Vancouver for an international conference that will focus on the innovations in gemstone synthesis and the detection of unnatural stones.

“Detecting synthetic and enhanced gemstones is a big business globally as innovations in the industry make it more and more difficult to set them apart from natural gemstones,” says Donna Hawrelko, president of the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA). “It is our job as gemmology professionals to help consumers make informed decisions on their gemstone purchases.”

The conference will bring together speakers and experts from all over the globe. Topics to be discussed range from from synthetic diamonds and other gemstones to valuating jade in a market stimulated by an increased demand from China.

This event comes at a time when consumers are scammed out of millions of dollars every year due to the selling of synthetic or enhanced gemstones under the guise of natural, untreated gems.

“Synthetic gemstones can be very beautiful and very desirable, but consumers have to be made aware if they are buying a synthetic rather than a natural gemstone,” adds Hawrelko. “They rely on us to give them the information on whether, for example, a diamond is natural or has been produced in a factory.”

The event will take place at Vancouver’s Terminal City Club. For more information, visit the CGA’s website at CJ