Federal Trade Commission says “Made in USA” labels misleading


The Federal Trade Commission says that products containing recycled metals should not be labeled “made in the USA” even if the metals have been recycled in the United States. The FTC says based on past studies that it may lead some consumers on to believe that a product labeled “Made in the USA” would comprise of American materials completely, even though the recycled metals may have come from outside the U.S.

“Unless a marketer can substantiate that all components of a recycled piece—including natural resources—originated in the United States, based on the record before us, it appears that an unqualified U.S. origin claim [for products with recycled metals] may deceive a significant number of consumers,” JCK Online reports that agency secretary Donald S. Clark has written in a letter to Jewelers Vigilance Committee president and CEO Cecilia Gardner. “If additional testing were to show that recycling gold and precious minerals changes consumer perception of U.S. origin claims for those items, we would reevaluate.” CJ

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