Florence Jewellery Week 2020

Florence Will Host the Third Edition of Florence Jewellery Week (FJW), a cultural initiative by Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School (LAO), which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary. FJW is the brainchild of Giò Carbone, artistic director of LAO.



From 28 May to 4 June 2020, Florence will host the third edition of Florence Jewellery Week (FJW), a cultural initiative by Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School (LAO), which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Established in 2015, FJW is the brainchild of Giò Carbone, artistic director of LAO. The project is entirely dedicated to the world of jewellery creation and to the complex relationship between artistic research, craftsmanship, design and new technologies. With the collaboration of the City of Florence, the 2020 programme includes an interesting series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, meetings and demonstrations.

Chia-Hsien Lin – Smelling Memories. Wearable Jewellery, 2019. Gelatine, soap base, silver-plated brass, essential oil.

For an entire week, artists, artisans, curators and entrepreneurs from Italy and beyond will gather in Florence for a meeting that will take place in the ideal setting of a city that has always had a high-quality goldsmithing tradition and that still today boasts important companies and artisans.

Jess Tolbert – Greater Than Series. Necklace, 2019. Steel staples.

Making the event even more unique is a series of jewels from the Bollmann collection, the most important European private collection. The names of the prestigious historical artists, all present in the main museums, constitute one of the unmissable focus of FJW 2020: Manfred Bischoff, Peter Chang, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Fritz Maierhofer, Bruno Martinazzi, Francesco Pavan, Ruudt Peters, Gerd Rothmann, Peter Skubic.

Marie Masson – Male coquetry. Brooch, 2019. Leather, paintbrush hair, hematite, metal, leather.

Works by the seven winners of the international competition PREZIOSA YOUNG will be on display at the Gallery of Palazzo Coveri: Elwy Schutten, Jess Tolbert, Rachael Colley, Marie Masson, Chia-Hsien Lin, Zihan Yang and Dongyi Wu.

Among the numerous guest events an exhibition curated by the contemporary jewellery historians  Maria Cristina Bergesio and Roberta Bernabei, with artists from two other European collections, the Derrez collection, and the Garrigosa collection.

One of the features of FJW 2020 is represented by objects from the Orthodox monastery of Tbilisi as well as the presence of two nuns who will give public demonstrations of jewellery-making techniques still used and passed down at the convent.

Elwy Schutten – Necklace, 2019. Silver and soapstone.

FJW pays tribute to Florence with the exhibition dedicated to the renowned Florentine company Salimbeni, which for four generations has been producing refined objects in silver with enamels and engravings by the greatest artisans of quality Florentine craftsmanship.

A series of lectures by artists, curators, historians of jewellery and collectors from Italy and Europe will be held on two days in the middle of the week.

The presentation of the Italian edition of the book “25 reasons to wear jewellery”, written by German scholar Barbara Schmidt is also expected: The Italian edition was curated by Le Arti Orafe. Several seminars will be held by guest artists; these will take place in the laboratories and rooms of LAO.
Rachael Colley – Sha-green. Brooch, 2019. Citrus fruit peel, sintered aluminium, stainless steel.

The exhibitions and meetings will take place in various locations: the Complex of Santa Maria Novella, the Bardini Museum, Casa Guidi, Palazzo Capponi/Bardi Foundation and several galleries of contemporary art, including Cartavetra and the Gallery of Palazzo Coveri.

Zihan Yang – D.H. VI. Brooch, 2019. Sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, stainless steel

FJW 2020 enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and the collaboration of: MIDA – Florence International Crafts Fair, Inhorgenta Munich Trade Fair, OMA-Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte, CNA Firenze, Confartigianato Firenze, ARTEX, the Bardi Foundation, the Association of the Friends of the Hermitage, the Association for the Boboli Gardens, the Association of the Friends of Santo Spirito, the Artigianelli Foundation, Spazio NOTA Firenze and the Association Ponte Vecchio.