Former Cartier advertising exec taken to court


Cartier has filed a lawsuit against a former advertising director for asking a co-worker to download Cartier’s confidential advertising information and then use it to get the same ex-co-worker to join her at Tiffany & Co, where she currently works. According to the lawsuit that was filed on Monday by Cartier parent company Richemont North America Inc., former Cartier advertising executive Melissa Pordy “planned and took steps to access, procure and use plaintiffs’ confidential information” after she was laid off.

Pordy allegedly told the assistant manager of offline advertising to download confidential Cartier information regarding advertising plans, proposals and strategies, on her work computer. After leaving the company and starting to work at rival company Tiffany & Co., Pordy allegedly pressured the assistant manager to download the rest of the confidential information and join her at the company.

Pordy is also accused of pretending to be from Cartier’s human resources department to transfer her work phone number to her personal line and receive over $28,000 of unearned wages from the company. Cartier is seeking unspecified damages, Pordy to pay back the $28,889, return of any confidential information in her possession, and a permanent block on Purdy using Richemont’s telephone number. CJ