Frost & Sullivan reports growing diamonds causes less environmental impact than mining diamonds


Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, released a new study entitled “Environmental Impact Analysis – Production of Rough Diamonds,” which reveals that grown diamonds have a much lower impact on the environment than mining diamonds.

This study signals the way for possibility of consumers preferring these kinds of diamonds in the near future.

According to a press release from Frost & Sullivan, “Environmental impact generated by diamonds is starting to play a key role in the decision making process by both consumers and trade members. Years of research and technological advancements now offer the diamond industry a new choice of rough diamonds grown above the earth, which is both eco-friendly and human friendly. Moreover, these cultured or grown diamonds offer a source of sustainable raw material for the industry in the long term with negligible environmental impact.”

The study compared the environmental impact of grown diamonds and mined diamonds and found that growing diamonds causes significantly less environmental impact compared to mining diamonds.

“There are several aspects of environmental impact such as air pollution, water usage, energy usage, etc. There is also a significant level of human impact as well in the process of diamond production. This report quantifies and compares each of these aspects for grown and mined diamonds per carat of diamond produced,” says the statement from Frost & Sullivan.

The full report can be viewed by visiting this link: CJ