Gemify’s Guide to Email Deliverability for Jewellery Retailers


Understanding Email Deliverability: A Crucial Tool for Jewellery Retailers

Why is Email Deliverability Essential?

In the glittering world of jewellery retail, email deliverability is the sparkle that ensures your crafted messages reach your customers’ inboxes, not their spam folders. After meticulously designing your email campaigns, it’s vital that they captivate the eyes of your audience. This is where the brilliance of deliverability shines.

Deciphering Deliverability: What Influences It?

Mailbox providers, like the skilled jewellers shaping precious stones, assess your emails based on safety, relevance, and individual subscriber preference. Your email’s journey to the inbox or spam folder hinges on these criteria, shaped by the sender reputation you’ve cultivated.

Sender Reputation: Your Brand’s Email Credit Score

Think of sender reputation as the carat rating of your email strategy. Providers like Gmail and Yahoo assess this, though the exact score remains their guarded secret. The key to a high rating? How your subscribers interact with your emails.

Subscriber Engagement: The Heart of Deliverability

Subscriber engagement is like the setting of a ring, holding your sender reputation securely. Positive interactions enhance your reputation, while negative ones can diminish it. Here’s how to ensure your emails are as appealing as your finest jewellery:

List Health: Only include subscribers who eagerly opted for your emails. Secure your subscription forms against bots, and regularly cleanse your list of unengaged subscribers to maintain its quality.

Consistency: Maintain a steady sending domain, email volume, and frequency. Sudden changes can make your emails seem as risky as a counterfeit gem.
Content: While not the primary factor, content still influences deliverability. Avoid link shorteners, spammy language, and gimmicky tactics. Strive for a balanced image-to-text ratio and encourage genuine engagement, like asking subscribers to share their favourite jewellery piece.

Conclusion: Subscriber-Centric Email Strategy
To ensure your emails are as welcomed as a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery, focus on your subscribers. Empower them to choose the content they desire and the frequency of your communications. Build a list of engaged subscribers and create content that keeps them captivated. Just as every gem has its unique allure, let your emails reflect the unique charm of your brand.