Gismondi 1754’s La Fenice Rises at Couture

A Masterpiece of Diamond Craftsmanship Wins 2024 Couture Design Award
Gismondi 1754’s Creative Director and CEO, Massimo Gismondi, has been awarded the prestigious Couture Design Award for his exquisite diamond necklace, La Fenice [The Phoenix]. Inspired by the mythical phoenix from Egyptian and Greek mythology, this one-of-a-kind collar necklace showcases over 100 carats of diamonds, symbolizing renewal and rebirth.Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Creating La Fenice was a labourious process, demanding over 500 hours of meticulous work from a team of master jewellers in Gismondi’s Genoa atelier. From the initial sketch to the wax mould, casting, and hand-setting, each step was undertaken with exceptional skill and dedication. The result is a breathtaking piece that epitomizes the artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with Gismondi 1754.Massimo Gismondi drew inspiration for La Fenice during a family vacation to St. Barths. Under the majestic Latimer Palm trees, he envisioned the Phoenix’s mythological rebirth, symbolizing immortality and the cycle of renewal. This vision materialized into a stunning necklace, with each element meticulously designed to represent the Phoenix’s radiant plumage and the flowing palm leaves where it builds its nest.

A Testament to Hope and Renewal

Massimo explains, “La Fenice represents the possibilities of the future, interpreted in a complex and unique multi-dimensional shape with the movements of LA Fenice.” The necklace’s centrepiece is a magnificent D Colour 5.05-carat white pear-shaped diamond, complemented by two strands of round and pear-shaped diamonds. The intricate design features 38 ‘feathers’ or ‘branches’ cascading across and down the décolleté, symbolizing both feathers and palm leaves.La Fenice features over 64 carats of pear-shaped diamonds and 31 carats of round diamonds, meticulously arranged to create a dynamic and captivating effect. Measuring over 15cm, this masterpiece debuted at Couture 2024 in the Diamonds Above $20,000 category. Following its acclaimed debut, La Fenice will be showcased in Gismondi boutiques worldwide, allowing admirers across the globe to witness this extraordinary work of art.

Gismondi 1754’s La Fenice is not just a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of hope, renewal, and the extraordinary craftsmanship that defines the brand. This Couture Design Award-winning necklace stands as a testament to Massimo Gismondi’s visionary creativity and the timeless beauty of the diamond.