Great Heights launches a new era of Lab-Grown Diamonds with ethical standards and unparalleled customization

Smarter stones sold in a better way for pure beginnings.



Great Heights introduces a new era of custom made lab-grown diamonds, using a technique that mirrors the natural growing process, and free of environmental and ethical harm. With the unveiling of its stunning launch collection, Great Heights sets a new industry standard, proving that people do not have to compromise on high-quality diamonds and offering consumers an unprecedented level of customization never before attempted in the diamond jewelry industry.

Great Heights allows consumers to choose the cut, color, and clarity of their diamond with unparalleled customization and revolutionary simplicity. With the guidance of Great Height’s proprietary “Guide Me” tool, consumers can easily select from infinite styles to design the ring of their dreams. The platform integrates CGI technology, used in the award-winning series Game Of Thrones, to show consumers dynamic 360-degree views of the customization process to simulate what they would see in stores.   

“We saw an opportunity to educate the next generation of consumers on the benefits of ethically created diamonds,” says Co-Founder & President, Ryan Bonifacino. “We created Great Heights with empathy at our core to give consumers a better option, one that provides high-quality and affordable diamonds without sacrificing ethical standards.”  

Every Great Heights diamond, from the smallest accent stones to the center diamond, is lab-grown using a craft that mirrors what occurs in nature. As a result, lab-grown diamonds are the only diamonds that offer a 100% indisputable conflict-free origin and are identical to mined diamonds in every way – physically, chemically and optically. Great Heights owns the world’s largest selection of lab-created diamonds, all of which are IGI certified and pass the same rigorous inspection process that is also applied to mined diamonds, which optimizes for:

Cut: The diamond’s cut affects the way light is captured and reflected from a diamond;

Color: Great Heights diamonds sit between D (colorless) to J (near colorless) on the color scale, the finest grades with near-perfect color;

Clarity: Every Great Heights diamond is an SI2 (slightly included) or better, all the way up to VVS1, making them eye-clean to the naked eye.

“As a third-generation diamantaire, I’ve seen first-hand the damaging effects that mining diamonds can have on the environment,” says Co-Founder & CEO Alexander Weindling. “Our goal is to clean up the diamonds industry’s environmentally unsustainable and ethically murky practices by setting a higher and more transparent standard with ethically made, fairly priced, brilliant diamonds that put the planet before profits and empathy before economics.”

Great Heights debuts with a collection of high-quality, custom made fairly priced diamonds that retail up to 40% less compared to mined diamonds without compromising on cut, color, or clarity. With industry experts to help navigate the nuances of diamonds and the intricacies of the design process, Great Heights makes it easy to say “I do.”