Handmade at Amazon launches with 44,000 jewellery listings


Amazon has launched Handmade at Amazon, an online retailer that features “factory-free” artisanal goods and about 400 pages of jewellery listings. A statement from Amazon specifies that all listed products “must be made by hand.”

Etsy’s largest competitor, Handmade at Amazon has a different payment model that charges sellers a listing fee of 20 cents and then takes 3.5 per cent of the selling price, not including shipping.

More then 90 per cent of jewellery listed on Handmade at Amazon retails for less than $200 but the site does feature some expensive items such as a diamond engagement ring set in platinum going for $24,900.

While Etsy just went public, Amazon’s new venture does take the competition up a few notches. Etsy currently retails about 36 million items while Handmade at Amazon is starting small with 80,000. CJ