Heather B. Moore Champions 3d Jewellery Technology



3D shopping is a game changer for online retailers.

“I thought about that a lot,” says jewellery designer Heather B. Moore. “On one hand, we all want to be safe. On the other hand, we don’t want to stop recognizing and celebrating the people and the moments that give our lives meaning. How do you combine those extremes – making memories tactile and permanent while avoiding the risk of being in an enclosed space with many people? As with so many things, the answer turned out to be a new technology.”

Heather B. Moore 3D visualizer website

Moore’s studio is introducing a new high-resolution platform for presenting and designing jewelry online. It begins by adding hand-crafted pieces at such high 3D resolution and with such mobility that, even looking at them on a phone, you can almost touch them.

“This technology is designed with mobile devices in mind,” says Moore. “Once we get our stock pieces loaded, we’ll add the ability to open and close carabiners, and so on. Then we’ll move on to you designing your personalized jewelry right on our site, as real and tactile as if you were holding them in your hand. All without ever having to walk into a store.”

Always an innovator, Moore believes that 3D shopping is a game changer for online retailers and storefronts alike.

“Everyone is online,” says Moore. “Everyone. Being able to present fine jewelry and other high-end products in a way that’s like virtually touching them and holding them up to the light is what potential customers want.”