Hilco Streambank Seeks Offer to Acquire Diamond Software Platform



Hilco Streambank Seeks Offer to Acquire Diamond Software Platform; Proprietary System Allows User to Calculate “Cut Score” of Diamonds and Configure Jewellery

Offers Are Due December 6, 2022; the Auction is to Be Held December 8, 2022

The company announced that it is seeking offers to acquire a proprietary software platform featuring a diamond cut score calculator and jewelry configurator utilized by a jewellery eCommerce retailer. The available assets include software code for the unique “Cut Score Calculator,” Jewellery Configurator, Web Inventory Scraper, e-commerce applications, and administrator dashboards; documentation cataloguing the development of the software; and additional assets.

Offers to acquire the software platform and related assets are due by December 6, 2022, and an auction will be held on December 8, 2022.

“This software puts gem selection and jewellery design in the hands of the customers,” commented Hilco Streambank CEO Gabe Fried. He continued, “More and more people are buying their diamonds and luxury jewellery online. These tools make the experienced user-friendly so that customers can get all the advantages of the in-store experience online.  The Cut Score Calculator allows customers to compare diamonds with varying attributes, and the Jewellery Configurator allows them to design their own products in 3D. The software platform will surely attract attention from jewellery eCommerce retailers and those seeking to enhance the customer experience of purchasing jewelry online.”

The software supported the business of Enchanted Diamonds, which, at its peak, generated more than $12 million in annual sales.