Hotels to offer engagement packages with ring shopping


Hotels like the Mandarin Oriental in New York, Hard Rock Hotels, and Langham Huntington Hotel in California have started to offer their customers “engagement packages” that include ring shopping. The Mandarin Oriental’s “Engaging Escape” deal includes a private ring consultation at a local Doyle & Doyle boutique, while Hard Rock offers in-room ring shopping. The Langham Huntington has services that offer a proposal package worth $100,000, with a $35,000 2.5cts ring.

“Engagements are certainly a milestone deserving of a special weekend away,” Susanne Hathe from Mandarin Oriental Hotel told CNBC. “We wanted to create an extraordinary package for those couples.”

According to a survey on, the average wedding ring is valued to be around $5,598, and 64 per cent of brides are a part of their ring shopping. CJ