Hublot MP-15: A Takashi Murakami Masterpiece – Redefining Haute Horlogerie with its Central Tourbillon Design



Hublot’s MP-15 Takashi Murakami Only Watch Sapphire, boasting a central tourbillon, reflects a vibrant commitment to Haute Horlogerie. It may draw interpretations ranging from a symbolic child’s daisy sketch tipped green for hope, to a testament of unique, high-tech, playful luxury. Its design is a kaleidoscope of values, where the artistry of horology and haute joaillerie collide.

Renowned Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, with his signature floral compositions, breathes life into this one-of-a-kind timepiece. A Hublot collaborator since 2020, Murakami, known for his limited-edition series, brings even more exclusivity to the MP-15, a truly singular piece that stands out in Hublot’s over 40 years of watchmaking history.

The central tourbillon not only signifies the nexus of art and horological design but also represents the heart of its wearer and children battling Duchenne’s disease. Its creation was a challenge, as it required perfect integration of aesthetics and technical constraints, such as indicating the hours and minutes that compete for the central position.

The intricate co-axial construction pivots the cannon pinion and hour wheel around the tourbillon support, facilitated by the central flying tourbillon that seems suspended in mid-air. The hands, passing underneath its cage, point towards 12 luminescent indices matching the 2023 Hublot for Only Watch’s colours.

Takashi Murakami fans will find his vibrant rhythm across the MP-15, inside and out. On the exterior, 12 petal-like indices studded with 444 gemstones offer a luminous aesthetic, angled towards the movement’s centre like a real flower. The distinct colour separations, rather than a traditional rainbow gradient, capture the 2023 Only Watch’s spirit, exhibiting a bright piece of Superflat Art on the wrist.

The MP-15 doesn’t stop there: a laser-engraved broad smile, flanked by two smiling eyes under the domed sapphire crystal, invites you into Murakami’s vivacious imagination. This colourful timepiece symbolizes the boundless curiosity and wonderment of childhood.