IDEX launches Direct trading network


The International Diamond Exchange (IDEX) has announced that its Direct trading network is now live. The free subscription service allows retailers and diamond buyers to bid and buy online using the IDEX Diamond Buying and Consolidation Services.

The platform allows users to log in and search for diamonds free of charge, with the added authentication benefits of the organization’s Guaranteed Diamond Transactions network. This ensures that all goods are authenticated against their grading lab certificates prior to shipping, guaranteeing that buyers get exactly what they asked for.

Additionally, the buying process has been simplified by allowing retailers top save on shipping costs by consolidating several diamond purchases from different suppliers. Moreover, transaction fees are only applied when actually purchasing goods.

“We are delighted to roll out the IDEX Direct Trading Network,” says Ehud Cohen, chairman of IDEX Group. “This new product helps to streamline the online bidding and buying process, as well as consolidate a business’ shipping costs. By guaranteeing the authenticity of the supplied goods, we hope that retailers and diamond buyers will respond positively to our provision of an unprecedented level of transparency, available across the world’s major diamond centers.”

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