Importex keeps growing and growing


Founded in 1967 by Salim Argalgi in Montreal, Quebec, Importex Co. has built a reputation for having the widest assortment and largest inventory of stones and findings in Canada, and for being a one-stop shop for all jewelry needs.

“In the beginning everything was concentrated around stones and findings”, said Morris Argalgi, director of operations at Importex, and son of Salim Argalgi. “However, over the years we evolved and grew, and today we have a complete workshop and we can do anything”. And he isn’t exaggerating.

Importex is capable of doing anything a jeweller needs; in-house designing(providing ideas for custom orders),3D renderings, sending renderings and ideas to clients, creating the jewelry, providing the finished product, repairs and appraisals.

Importex becomes a real part of your team, supporting the jeweller throughout the entire sale.

“We do all of this onsite too, in order to be in full control of every piece of jewellery from A to Z, because we have jewellers, diamond setters (including micro pave) and a model maker, all on the premises,” said Fortune Argalgi, sales manager at Importex, and also the wife of David Argalgi, president of Importex’s sister company, Gagi Import.

Gagi Import specializes in findings such as the clasps, settings, solder, wire, etc.

(in 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, platinum and silver), for jewellers; whereas Importex specializes in stones and diamonds. Whether it’s pearls, opals, coloured stones (genuine or synthetic), semi-precious stones and diamonds, you will find it at Importex and Gagi.

Together, Importex and Gagi are jewelry companies with the biggest inventory in Canada.

“Having a large inventory and having the ability to do everything onsite means that all of our projects get done quickly. The jewellers get exactly what they want, and for a great price. This is something I am really proud of,” Morris explained. Along with offering any stone or finding imaginable, Importex also provides ideas.

“Sometimes customers will go into a store, still unsure of what they want”, said Morris. “The store will call us up, let us know what type of jewelry is needed, and we will design five or six options, then send it for the customer to decide what they like best. From this, we are able to stay up-to-date with the latest jewelry trends. The services we offer make a huge difference to buyers. We love what we do; we want customers to be happy, and it shows in how we conduct business. We always try to give more”.

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