With G.V. Canada, the future of jewellerydesign is at your  ngertips
by Corrina Mosca
WHILE 3D PRINTING,computer-assisted design (CAD), and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) may sound like something from a Ridley Scottmovie, these technological advancements are quickly becoming pillars of the jewellery design industry. Computer-illiterate? Decidedly not tech-savvy? Fear not! Although integrating new tech into your jewellery business may sound daunting, companies like G.V.b Canada are making this task increasingly more simple to achieve.
Open for business
Founded in 2015, G.V. Canada offers jewellers the latest in 3D printers and CAD software. The company is the Canadian distributor for the CounterSketch and Matrix programs, both of which are products of Gemvision, a subsidiary of Stuller, Inc, as well as EnvisionTEC’s 3D printers. The company also provides full CAD/CAM service to jewellers across the country, helping them to create their own 3D models. In a prior life, G.V. Canada existed as G.V. Design Canada. Graham Arthur, FCGmA, RMV, began his journey with the company here. When the prior owner left the company, Arthur bought it out in order to collaborate with David Lim on its reincarnation. Now, the pair is working together to add ease to the process of jewellery design, one client at a time.
Fine print
A leading choice among goldsmiths, designers, and large manufacturers, EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing solutions allow for the rapid manufacturing of both custom and mass-market products. Together, its technology and materials offer superior detail, precision, and surface  nish. “While EnvisionTEC’s 3D printers are on the more expensive side of the mom-and-pop spectrum, they are certainly worth the cost—they’re the top
printers in the industry,” explains Arthur. “They also have great ease-of-use: with their integrated computers, all they require is an Internet connection to run. They’re much more user-friendly than other printers on the market.”
Not only are they easy to use—they’re extremely accurate. EnvisionTEC’s printers are able to produce detail beyond the abilities of laser or printing alternative technologies with 15-micron resolution, making them perfect for crafting gorgeously detailed pieces, micro pavé, or invisible settings. What’s more, EnvisionTEC’s machines routinely produce highly detailed ligree and accurate settings—with little or no adjustment. Ultimately, this yields superior patterns, allowing users to save money in metal material and metal  nishing time. This makes EnvisionTEC an investment that truly does give back.
A perfect match
Together, the dynamic duo brings a wealth of experience to G.V. Canada’s operations. Prior to his work with the company, Arthur, now president and CEO, was in the retail market for a number of years. Lim, the business’s vice-president, previously worked in jewellery appraisal. Both men have vast expertise in CAD, as well. “Our differing experiences give us a unique perspective on the jewellery industry,” says Arthur. “We’ve seen the landscape of Canadian jewellery change completely: it’s gone from a very traditional business model to one that is heavily in uenced by technology. Because of this, we have the tools to help jewellers evolve, implementing new technological solutions in a way that makes sense to them.”
Set me up
Lim notes that in order to smooth out the acclimation process to these technologies, the company offers a variety of training and set-up options. “We have both online and in-person educational opportunities for our clients, depending on the program,” he says. “This way, we ensure that they are comfortable with the new technology—and that they get the most out of their experience with it.” To learn more about G.V. Canada’s innovative services, products, and programs, visit the company’s website at Arthur and Lim will also be exhibiting at this year’s Canadian Jewellery Expos in Toronto and Edmonton
Break the mold
Created by and for jewellers, Matrix software helps designers to build the custom jewellery of their clients’ dreams—all from scratch. “Matrix is an extremely versatile form of CAD software,” says Lim. “This program allows jewellers to create whatever they want by building from scratch, while a lot of other software uses templates. Because of this, Matrix is both easier to use and much more  exible than its competitors.” Some of its highly-acclaimed features include:
• Clayoo:
Optimized to run inside Matrix, Clayoo represents the next generation of organic modelling tools. With the ability to sculpt directly on models, and emboss and create organic models from scratch using SUBD, Clayoo is essentially a digitized version of shaping and carving clay.
• V-Ray:
One of the best rendering engines on the market, V-Ray helps to create captivating images. Its photorealistic rendering makes designs truly come alive.
• Time-Saving Tools:
Metal weight calculations and 3D printing tools speed up the manufacturing process, while style sheets allow you to quickly apply elements to different objects.
Get engaged
CounterSketch is much more than just a software package: it’s a complete custom design operation available right on your showroom  oor. With its prototype samples and 3D customization options, your sales staff can quickly design pieces right in front of your clients’ eyes.
“CounterSketch is a must-have program for any retail store,” notes Arthur. “Whatever you don’t have in your showcase, you can show to clients through both its prototypes and its customization options. Plus, you can experiment with different metal qualities, with different gemstones, and with different shanks and prongs. It really affords your client a lot of options.” What’s more, with its three-tier system, CounterSketch has something for every retail jeweller. Its Bridal package comes with more than 300 customizable styles and a bridal library; its Plus package contains a comprehensive library with more than 1,100 customizable styles, including bridal jewellery, fashion rings, and pendants; and its Studio package contains all 1,100-plus styles, as well as added creative function with its Freehand component library. Through the program, jewellers are also able to order directly from Stuller—whether they want raw castings or completely  nished, set pieces. Now, in Version 5 of CounterSketch, jewellers can also export designs to the PROJET® 1200 3D printer. “Truly, CounterSketch creates a unique, value-added perspective for the client,” Arthur adds. “This technology really engages them in the design process, allowing them to participate more thoroughly, and allowing you to easily capture their business.”
European Design
Welcome to the new age of jewellery where laser welding makes the seemingly impossible jobs now possible. The Laser Welder R-Evo is Italian
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Matrix 9
The Matrix 3D design software, the most advanced jewellery creation software in the world, offers the most complete suite of design tools available today. With their builders, Vray rendering software and the new addition of Clayoo 2.5 makes Matrix a must have for any jeweller looking to take custom design to the next level.
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