It’s Time to Band Together: Canadian Jeweller Magazine

We Stand With You At This Sensitive Time and Encourage You to Keep Sharing Your Stories

This is a sensitive time for our industry and for everyone around the world who is worried about the safety of their family and friends and, of course, the impact that this is having on businesses.
We stand with you to offer our support, our knowledge and our storytelling. At times like this, storytelling unites.
From our perspective, if we all give in to fear and stop functioning, the virus proves to have far reaching effects, much more than just the threat of physical illness.
At the Canadian Jeweller Magazine we believe in taking every precaution to stay safe. Work from home, use proper sanitization and minimize contact and travel, do what you need to do; but there is one thing we we encourage you do- keep communicating and keep sharing knowledge, advice, information and stories. Use this time to seek out new and novel solutions to survive and thrive. Get creative.
Some businesses are doing remote consultations via video, others are sending out news-blasts and updating their social media channels, others are encouraging online sales and orders while others still are taking the time to consider how to sanitize jewellery properly now and into the future.
Stay safe, be careful and keep sharing. This is a time for innovation.
The Canadian Jeweller Family

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