Jewelers Mutual® Unveils Insights from Self-Purchased Jewellery Survey


Jewelers Mutual® Group, a leading insurer and business solutions provider for jewellery and jewellery businesses, celebrates its 110th anniversary with fresh insights into the consumer trend of self-purchasing jewellery. The company, renowned for its commitment to the jewellery industry, recently conducted a survey to delve into the self-purchasing behaviours of consumers, revealing intriguing trends, particularly around holidays and birthdays.

The survey by Jewelers Mutual® highlights that self-gifting jewellery is often motivated by significant occasions like holidays and birthdays. This trend underscores the growing importance of self-celebration and the emphasis on personal well-being and happiness, especially during the festive season when self-care is often overlooked.

Krystle Craycraft, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Digital at Jewelers Mutual, comments, “Jewellery represents more than just metal and stone; it symbolizes independence and self-expression. These survey results bolster our mission to enhance the love and appreciation of jewellery, empowering individuals to indulge in beautiful and meaningful pieces for themselves, irrespective of the occasion.”

Additional Research Findings:

• Popular Choices: The survey reveals a gender-based preference in self-purchased jewellery, with women favouring necklaces and earrings, while men lean towards watches.
Frequency of Self-Purchases: An interesting finding is that half of the respondents buy jewellery for themselves only once a year, indicating a potential increase in self-celebration practices.

• Creating a Legacy: A significant 96% of self-purchasers either plan to or are considering passing down their fine jewellery, highlighting the sentimental value attached to these pieces.

• Jewellery Protection: The survey also sheds light on the need for more awareness regarding professional inspections, as 39% of self-purchasers admit to never having their fine jewellery inspected.

These insights are driving Jewelers Mutual® to advocate for self-purchased jewellery during the holiday season and beyond. As a trusted advisor and insurer, Jewelers Mutual® is dedicated to protecting each piece of jewellery with the care and expertise that comes from its 110 years of experience. This commitment makes Jewelers Mutual® the top choice for over a million jewellery customers across the U.S. and Canada.