Jewellery designer Fana adds website enhancement to track performance


Jewellery designer Fana unveiled the addition of a retail jewellery portal to its existing website that has been created especially for retail jewellers and store staff. The portal has the ability to provide support for sales training, product details, and marketing resources for Fana. It’s also able to track employees’ performance and allow them to earn incentives.

According to Vik Jain, co-owner at Fana, “One of the most important members in Fana’s team is the sales associate, who is our ambassador in the stores. We feel it is vital to give our retail associates the tools and information, which enable them to educate the client about the workmanship and design influence of each Fana engagement ring. In today’s information-driven market, bridal customers demand their salesperson be well educated in the product, the designer, and market trends. The portal training allows us to keep the Fana brand and product message consistent at the counter.”

Retail associates working for Fana can register for the portal on the website and then participate in a self-guided product knowledge presentation and training questions. The portal can also be used to register every Fana sale completed and the staff can earn rewards on qualified transactions.
The portal will also be useful to jewellers who can now have access to logos, product images, and advertisements as well as for the order of catalogs, posters, and other retail support material. CJ