Katie Stelmaszek: Esteemed Jewellery Marketing Maven Appointed at Facets of Fire


New York, NY – October 24, 2023
Facets of Fire, a trailblazer in the jewellery realm, is elated to introduce Katie Stelmaszek as their newly appointed Director of Marketing. Boasting an illustrious 12-year journey in the jewellery sector, Katie is poised to infuse the team with her profound marketing acumen.

As the Director of Marketing, Katie will be the brand’s strategic compass, forging strong alliances with retailers to cater to their diverse marketing aspirations. Her vast exposure in both wholesale and retail marketing realms instils confidence in her prowess to spearhead growth and refine the retailer experience.

Expressing her zeal, Katie remarked, “I’m fervently geared up to architect a marketing paradigm for Facets of Fire, a brand at the forefront of the natural diamond evolution. My extensive liaisons with jewellery retailers underscore the imperative to accentuate and elevate natural diamonds, ensuring they stand out amidst the surge of synthetic counterparts.”

An alumna of Northern Michigan University with a specialisation in Media Production and New Technologies, Katie’s marketing odyssey is commendable. She carved a niche at Bottom Line Marketing over a span of ten years, culminating in her role as Creative Director. 2021 saw her transition to Buzz Advertising Agency as the General Manager, where she was instrumental in bolstering the marketing endeavours of jewellery retailers nationwide.

Facets of Fire anticipates a vibrant chapter ahead with Katie at the helm, certain that her expertise will usher in a wave of innovation and dynamism.