Kendra Scott Introduces Lab Grown Diamond Collection

Introducing Timeless Elegance: Kendra Scott’s Lab Grown Diamond Collection
Kendra Scott, a well-known lifestyle brand celebrated for its innovative design, choice of materials, and core principles of “Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy,” has recently announced the introduction of its Lab Grown Diamond Collection. Designed with care in Austin, Texas, and driven by the brand’s goal to make stylish pieces more accessible, this new collection is Kendra Scott’s latest step towards broadening its range. Now, it includes fine diamond styles at prices more people can afford.

A Step Towards Inclusive Fine Jewellery

“We’re thrilled to unveil our Lab Grown Collection, a fitting new addition as we evolve as a lifestyle brand and give our customers more exciting reasons to shop with us,” stated Kendra Scott, the brand’s Founder, Executive Chairwoman, and Chief Creative Officer. “Our priority has always been our customers. We’ve listened to their feedback over the years, understanding their desire to purchase fine jewellery from us. They appreciate our commitment to giving back, and they’ve expressed a wish to see their jewellery collections expand as our product range does. Fine jewellery isn’t just for special occasions; it’s for daily wear too. That’s why we’re offering our loyal customers, who might usually shop our more affordable ranges, the chance to add premium pieces to their Kendra Scott collection.”

Superior Quality at a More Accessible Price

The diamonds in this collection are grown in a lab, allowing for enhanced control over the gem’s clarity, cut, and overall quality, while also making them more cost-effective for customers. Kendra Scott is proud to use lab-grown diamonds that consistently meet or exceed an H colour and VS clarity standard. Moreover, every diamond weighing .5 carats or more is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), guaranteeing top-quality gems that are made to last a lifetime.

“With our lab-grown diamond fine jewellery, customers now have the chance to buy timeless pieces at more accessible prices,” Kendra Scott explained. “As a jewellery brand with our own in-house design studio, we guarantee that each piece in the Lab Grown Collection reflects the same level of material quality, craftsmanship, and design insight that the Kendra Scott brand is known for.”

By offering fine jewellery with lab-grown diamonds, Kendra Scott is inviting its customers to invest in beautiful, enduring pieces at prices that are within reach, all while maintaining the brand’s celebrated design quality and craftsmanship. This initiative not only broadens the brand’s product range but also reinforces Kendra Scott’s commitment to innovation, affordability, and customer satisfaction in the fine jewellery sector.