Lockheed Martin Attempts To Patent 3D Diamond Printer


The negative implications of companies thriving in the diamond industry through blood diamonds, along with the incredibly expensive price to get your hands on the beautiful stone means companies like Lockheed Martin, aerospace and defense corporation and big name in metal 3D printing, are serious about an alternative.

Lockheed Martin are trying to patent a 3D printer that prints diamonds, using poly(hydridocarbyne), a carbon-based pre-ceramic polymer producing the same fundamental similarities to diamonds. The price of these printers is anticipated to of course be very expensive but there‘s no telling what the price of these diamonds could cost from retailers.

Lockheed’s intention is to be able to 3D print diamond drill heads with complex geometries, as well as super-strong, lightweight saws, knives and armor, but in theory, such a printer could be used to print diamond jewelry, according to Clare Scott 3Dprint.com

The diamonds would be able to be printed in any shape and size you want, but there’s no guarantee this printer will become real. It’s an intriguing idea to debate whether the 3D printed diamond jewellery will catch on.

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