Macy’s doubles digital growth due to omnichannels


Macy’s overall sales fell 5.4% in the second quarter, however the brand saw double-digit growth in their online sales. The brands digital sophistication is due to their omnichannel capabilities and will serve as an opportunity to grow.

According to Macy’s research, 25% of their customers who purchase online and pick up their purchases in-store tend to spend more. This is a clear example of other brands can learn from enabling omnichannels. Macy’s is the clear frontrunner in these regards as they have eight of the nine key omnichannel features needed to be successful.

Retailers are encouraging customers to pick up orders in store by offering additional discounts for their next in-store purchase. Many other brands are starting to notice the importance of having customers coming into their stores and picking up their orders. Walmart is an example of a retailer who has realized the importance of in-store pickup, offering additional discounts as an incentive to get customers through their doors.

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