Macy’s Inc. Embarks on a Revolutionary Journey: Transforming Retail for Enhanced Customer Experience and Shareholder Value


Macy’s, Inc. is setting the stage for a transformative era in retail, announcing a strategic overhaul dubbed “A Bold New Chapter.” This ambitious initiative aims to challenge the conventional retail model, repositioning the company to deliver enhanced customer experiences, drive growth, and unlock significant shareholder value. By strengthening the Macy’s brand, accelerating luxury growth, and modernizing operations from end to end, Macy’s, Inc. is poised to redefine retail excellence.

Strengthening the Macy’s Brand

Macy’s, Inc. is committed to revitalizing its core brand by focusing on three pivotal areas: rejuvenating product assortments for greater relevance and value, modernizing the shopping environment for a seamless cross-channel experience, and optimizing its store portfolio by closing underperforming locations. This strategic realignment prioritizes customer-centric growth and the expansion of small-format stores, ensuring Macy’s remains at the forefront of retail innovation.

Accelerating Luxury Growth

Recognizing its leadership in the luxury market, Macy’s, Inc. is set to expand its luxury divisions, Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury. The plan includes opening new stores and remodeling existing ones, significantly enhancing its luxury footprint and digital presence. This move capitalizes on the strong performance of these brands, both within the Macy’s portfolio and the broader luxury sector, signaling a robust growth trajectory.

Simplifying and Modernizing Operations

Macy’s, Inc. aims to streamline and modernize its entire operational framework. This comprehensive approach encompasses supply chain optimization, fulfillment streamlining, inventory management improvements, and technological advancements. By aligning operations with future omni-channel demand, Macy’s, Inc. is crafting a more efficient and responsive operating model, ready to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

Financial Horizons: A Vision of Sustainable Growth

Macy’s, Inc. lays out a clear financial roadmap, underpinned by a solid foundation, to steer the company towards sustainable, profitable growth and enhanced shareholder value. Key financial projections include low-single-digit annual sales growth, controlled SG&A dollar growth, mid-single-digit annual Adjusted EBITDA dollar growth, reduced capital expenditure, and a return to pre-pandemic free cash flow levels by 2025.

Macy’s, Inc.’s “A Bold New Chapter” marks a pivotal moment in the retail industry, signaling a shift towards a more modern, customer-focused, and efficient retail model. By reimagining its approach to retail, Macy’s not only aims to rejuvenate its brand and accelerate luxury growth but also to set new standards in operational efficiency. This strategic vision promises to usher in a new era of retail excellence, positioning Macy’s, Inc. as a beacon of innovation and growth in the competitive retail landscape.