Men’s accessories to have high demand


Demand for men’s watch and jewellery cases are on the rise as Market research company NPD group reported that sales for men’s accessories rose by 9 per cent to $13.6 billion for the year in May. There was a four per cent growth last year, which brings the two-year increase to 13 per cent in total. Six separate categories were studied for the report, consisting of jewellery and watches, sunglasses, bags, small leather goods, and luggage. Each category saw a sales increase, with men’s jewellery coming at the top with $3.3 billion.

“Today, more men are looking to stand out in a crowd, and accessories are a way to make a bold statement without having to overhaul their wardrobes. Instead of buying accessories by piecemeal, men are now making purchases across multiple categories and seasons,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD Group, said in a statement to JCK Online. “This increase in accessories also correlates with the growth we are seeing in men’s apparel and footwear. Overall, men are becoming more interested in fashion, and retailers are building upon this trend by catering to them specifically.” CJ