Mindham Fine Jewellery celebrates its 25th anniversary


Last month, Toronto’s Mindham Fine Jewellery celebrated 25 years of award-winning jewellery designs. To commemorate this special milestone, Mindham’s founder and creative director, Myles Mindham, created a limited-edition collection of new pieces.


The Magical Woodland collection is inspired by nature and the imaginative fantasy forest found in some of Mindham’s favourite childhood books. Mindham claims that as a young boy, nature and its magical potential sparked his imagination and ignited his creativity, which led him to the art of jewellery design.


“I have always been attracted to mystical, fantastic stories, places and objects,” says Mindham. “As a child, reading books transported me to an enchanted fantasyland where magical thinking could be true. Miniaturization, and tiny mystical things have always fascinated me so for our anniversary, I wanted to pay tribute to these stories with a dramatic jewellery collection.”


Magical Woodland consists of three major statement pieces and related collection items including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is a creative interpretation of fantasy creatures in nature and can be recognized by a star motif detail found throughout the collection.


The collection features four themes, including “Wings,” “Moon Fairies,” and “Mushroom Wishes.”


“We’ve used the finest materials and very detailed designs to bring to life the fantasy dream world that emerges from the natural forest setting,” adds Mindham. “I love the idea that imagination coupled with nature can transform one’s ordinary daily existence.”


The new collection is available by appointment only.