MVMT and Motocross Champion Jett Lawrence Team Up: Celebrate a Decade of Innovative Watchmaking!

Precision Meets Adrenaline: MVMT’s 10-Year Milestone with Motocross Star Jett Lawrence
MVMT, the renowned watch brand from Venice Beach, is marking its tenth anniversary in grand style by partnering with World Champion Motocross Racer, Jett Lawrence. Known for its modern, unexpected approach to watchmaking, MVMT’s collaboration with Lawrence exemplifies a decade-long commitment to innovation and style.

Who is Jett Lawrence?

Dubbed the “Justin Bieber of motocross” by ESPN, Jett Lawrence is not just a sports phenomenon but a symbol of living boldly. At only 20 years old, this Australian motocross champion has broken records and set new precedents in the sport, earning titles like the 2023 Super Motocross 450 World Champion and becoming the first Australian to win four titles in the 250 class of both Supercross and Pro Motocross.

What’s New in the MVMT and Jett Lawrence Partnership?
Through this exciting partnership, MVMT is set to feature exclusive content from Jett Lawrence, providing fans with a glimpse into his dynamic career and lifestyle. Additionally, MVMT will showcase Lawrence’s favorite watches, adding a personal touch that resonates with fans and watch enthusiasts alike.

Exclusive Content and Fan Giveaways
Further elevating the celebration, MVMT is planning fan giveaways that promise exciting prizes, including popular watches from their collection. This initiative not only honours Lawrence’s spectacular achievements but also engages the community, inviting them to experience the essence of MVMT watches: precision, style, and daring.

This collaboration celebrates MVMT’s legacy and vision, inspiring fans to live life on their own terms, underscored by the thrilling spirit of motocross and exceptional timekeeping.